Work with me

I work individually with clients, as a mentor and supervisor for meditation teachers, as a speaker, as well as facilitate and lead retreats and training events of various formats.

For individual clients

I currently work with three types of requests:

  • You feel physical and/or chronic pain that you can't cope with;
  • You feel you are "stalling" in your meditation practice and want to make a meaningful progress.
  • You want to ground your religious practice on a universal, systemic, transcultural foundation.

For meditation teachers

I teach groups since 2001, hold BA in Oriental Studies and MA in Adult Development, have thirteen years of regular personal practice, nine years of teaching meditation and mindfulness skills in every possible format, and five years of instructors' training.

With Mindspot, an organization I co-founded in 2017, I have trained over 100 people to work as mindfulness instructors, and at a certain point I have realized I was ready to take on a mentoring role and invite mindfulness teachers to work with me individually.

Contact me if you have a need to discuss a difficult case, talk about something personal related to teaching, discuss a forthcoming product and so on.

For companies, conferences and groups

Over the years, I have worked with big and small IT, oil, marketing and other companies, spoke at TEDx and other conferences, led seminars in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, China, Indonesia and Thailand.